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Strengthen the body, still the mind

Welcome to Feel Good Yoga Girl, where we will help you strengthen your body and still your mind. What does yoga mean to you?

The word ” yoga” literally means “union”. To completely know yourself and to be at peace in yourself. It is not possible to define this peace except to say it is freedom from all suffering, freedom from doubt and freedom from confusion. A natural blessedness unfolds in you as you feel this peace and you increasingly realize this as the core essence of your life. This realization is called yoga: a clear knowledge of the oneness of yourself with the source of all life.

Let us help you define what your yoga is. Your practice should be an individual journey through your mind body and spirit. Learning to still your mind as you move into your many shapes ( Asana practice). Letting go of your ego and establishing a oneness of yourself with the source of all life.

Your life will begin to flow with harmony,clarity and a deeper understanding of the fullness in loving life. You have the ability to tap into yourself and find the essence of your own life and mind. By doing so you will free yourself of the negative forces in life. Learning to unattach from anxiety, anger, fear or confusion. Becoming whole with yourself and building a healthier life and body. This strength comes from stilling your mind and letting your breath (life force) Flow through you uninterrupted.

So make a choice to begin your practice and free yourself. Join us in helping you on your journey


The Feel Good Yoga Girl offers onsite yoga classes throughout the greater Charlotte NC area.

What can the Feel Good Yoga Girl do for me?

Stress Reduction

Yoga is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress has been proven to cause a myriad of long term physical and emotional issues and combating it can drastically improve your over all personal well being.

Get Focused

While yoga may appear to be simply physical, it’s a very common practice for soothing the nerves and calming the mind. Alleviating mental stress, better sleep and better physical wellness are central to concentration and focus.

Weight Managment

Regular yoga sessions of as little as once a week have been proven to not only help people maintain recent weight loss but to have shown to be a factor in weight loss itself. Becoming more aware of your body is key.

Chronic Pain Relief

Dealing with chronic panic can be debilitating, physically and emotionally. Recent studies have shown that many types of chronic pain can be reversed through mental and physical practices that embody all that yoga encompasses.

Strength & Conditioning

Yoga is a fantastic low impact workout. Stretching and toning muscle while increasing flexibility and building a strong core are just a small part of the picture. Yoga can be a great addition to your fitness program, or become your only plan.

Better Sleep

A good workout and a calm mental state are the perfect building blocks for a great night of sleep. In turn, better sleep quality and a session of physical activity lead to overall feeling of well being. A good reason alone to try yoga.

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Certified Yoga Instruction

While yoga is generally low impact and considered a safe method of fitness, learning proper form and technique from the start can prevent injuries and help you achieve your goals in a safe and timely fashion.

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Private or group yoga sessions

Individual or Group Yoga Sessions

Feel Good Yoga Girl offers individual and group sessions throughout the greater Charlotte area. Our sessions are designed to offer each client the one on one attention that they need to achieve their goals regardless of class size.

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Yoga Accessories

Not sure what you need for your yoga class? Feel Good Yoga Girl offer a full line of yoga accessories for the beginner to advanced student. If you have any questions about a product feel free to give us a call.

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What do customers say about Feel Good Yoga Girl?

Debbie became a regular instructor in our ongoing yoga program appropriately ten months ago. She has done a terrific job that includes members who have participated in yoga for over a decade as well as those who are new to the program.

Hank Baucom- Ellen Fitzgerald Senior Center

“Since March of this year, Debbie Mangeney has been coming to our community twice per month to teach a chair yoga and meditation class for seniors. After her first class I heard one thing from residents: “You need to have her come back!” They are enthusiastic about attending her class and have nothing but positive comments.”

Kirby Beal- Carmel Place Retirement Community